Shisha Pens Direct specialise in the sale of Rechargeable, refillable Shisha Pens, Hookah Pens, Vapour Pens, Vapourizers, E- Cigs, clearomizers and Flavoured E-Liquids. We aim to retail a luxury product at an affordable price. The Shisha pen is a device that simulates the act of smoking tobacco by producing a vapour with a flavour that can be inhaled. This vapour can be with or without nicotine but more importantly does not contain any of the toxins, tar and carbon monoxide that traditional tobacco smoking products produce.

With our Shisha Pens, nothing is ignited or burnt and you can enjoy a smoking without the unpleasant cigarette odours and cancerous toxins. Shisha pens and electronic cigarettes are legal to smoke anywhere and they provide you with your chosen nicotine dose which can help you to quit smoking the more traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Electronic smoking devices come in various designs and sizes, however the basic construct is the same for all of them, there is a reservoir for the e liquid and a heating element, and a battery to power the heating element. At Shisha Pens Direct we offer a wide range of systems, from a starter kit for beginners, to the more advance mod kits for the more experienced user. We also sell various flavours of premium branded e liquids which have been tested extensively to comply with quality and safety standards.

Since 2012, Shisha Pens Direct has strived to bring our international customer base the very best in Shisha Pen technology and accessories. All our of our products are hand selected by our expert buyers for your pleasure and have undergone rigorous tests to ensure the highest standards of quality and enjoyment for our customers.


We ensure the highest standards of quality in all products we provide. Our expert buyers and product testers rigorously scour the market and refine our collection so you don’t have to. We offer some of the best prices in the UK market and of course, offer FREE DELIVERY to mainland UK customers.


It’s vital that you do business with a company you can trust and here at Shisha Pens Direct we believe this is of the utmost importance. We offer over the phone and email help, support and advice, so whether you are looking to purchase for the first time, or have a query about returns, we are on hand to help you.